How many dates does it take to get a girl to be your girlfriend?

This is NOT a joke. I'm actually curious and would like to know. I was watching a movie last night where the kid thought that after one date she was his girlfriend, she said no. So, how many dates is it?


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  • there's no number. it comes to how well u know each other and how long it takes u to fall in love. both of u. that said, it shouldn't be rushed. people shouldn't worry about time in this instance in my opinion. u also do need to take ur feelings clear at some point, ask how she feels and if she would agree to b yours.


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  • There is no set of dates that can decipher when a girl is your girlfriend. A girl will be your girlfriend if you ask her to be and she agrees.

    • Oh, I was unaware you had to "ask" -_-

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    • You: "hey... wanna be my girlfriend?"
      Her: "but I already am :D"
      Or "yes."

      Either way you win.

    • I just didn't know formality was so required these days... we're not in the freaking 1800's anymore

  • It's not a matter of dates in my opinion it's when you ask me to be your girlfriend and I say yes. I an pretty slow and like to know because if not I'm going to think you just want to be friends

    • I didn't know the friendzone existed? -_-

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  • erm... if you feel a connection, then ask her... there is not set amount..

  • Maybe 1 maybe 12 maybe never