Should I tell him?

I was in love with this guy for very long time but never had the courage to ask him out for real though we are very good friends. Then, I found out he likes me too but he hasn't made a move.

I got really pissed off after a while, because he started to ignore me kind of. And I did something really stupid: I hooked up with his brother.
His brother was making a move for few days and I finally agreed to a date with him.
I dated his brother for a while, like we've seen each other for few times but then broke up.

I never told him I dated his brother, and now after whole two years he finally made move and we're really happy. We are together now for 2 months now.

Should I tell him I dated his brother for a while? I don't now how to do it.
I feel like I should tell him but will this hurt him?


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  • Honestly, he probably already knows.. Unless he and his brother hate each other. I'm sure he knows.
    Just tell him. If it's something you want to do.. Just be straight and honest. Or otherwise don't say a thing. And if your relationship goes away where, it will just come out on its own later..

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    • That's if you get to tell it. But if someone else brings it out I guarantee it will be worse than if you tell him.
      Honestly I think you need to honest with him. And tell him.
      Would you rather chance the 2 months. Or chance a year or 2 or more. Because you never told him?

    • And the fact that you and his brother did not have sex then he really shouldn't have a big problem with it. But still tell him!


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  • What's the point of telling him now when you've slept with his brother of all people?

    Don't waste your, or his, time.

    • We haven't slept together. We just went out on couple of dates (I think it was 3, or 4).

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    • By the hookup I mean kissed.

    • Sure, sure...

      Regardless, it's a waste of time, no soul is going to bother dating you if you've messed around with their brother.

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  • You should be honest and he deserves to know. I wouldn't date anyone that my siblings dated and I would prefer to have that knowledge sooner rather than later, I would feel decieved.

  • He probably already knows...

  • You can but he will just laugh and tell his friends. Mine did