I asked this question before but was I sexual assulted?

I'm just still very confused. I looked up the definition it says any type of sexual contact or behavior and physically forces against there will.
This guy pushed his body against mine last year and made a sexual sound like there was like a huge thing in front of me. So he knew I couldn't go anywhere. So from behind like my back he pushed his body against mine. I can't stop thinking about this sometimes. Because of the way I felt about that afterwords. Am I crazy? Like should I just forget about it. He's a lacrosse player he did it during a game. We are seniors in high school. But I just feel like he forced himself onto me I didn't want it. In the past he always made comments to me like sexual ones. But he took it too far... Is this okay? I just. Can't stop thinking about it. I'll forget what happened but not the way I felt about it.

And people say if there was so dick in me then it's not sexual assault it's sexual harassment. But he forced himself onto me


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  • There doesn't have to be penetration for it to be sexual assault. Groping, grinding, touching that's all sexual assault. The sexual comments sound like sexual harassment. I'm sorry this happened. It's awful. I would stay far away from him in the future and if he pulls any of this stuff again please talk to your guidance counsellor, parents, and someone at human rights?

    • Thank you so much

    • No problem, it's hard to do but I really encourage you to get help. Feel free to message me if you need any help, support, or advice. I've been there. Good luck with everything!


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  • If he intentionally did something sexual to you without your permission/consent, then yeah, that's at least sexual harassment, if not sexual assault. I don't really see the reason to distinguish between the two though, it was still wrong either way.


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  • It's not assault technically but you should definitely let a trusted teacher, coach, or adult know because that kind of behavior is not okay. You should never feel uncomfortable or violated by someone