How to feel comfortable holding hands/ pda in school with 1st boyfriend? ( please help i'm very paranoid and worry too much)?

I am a senior in school and he is a junir (same age though). The thing is that I have a really good reputation for being a good girl and i believe and know it would be a shock for everyone in school (mostly everyone knows me). I get really paranoid and am shy kind of, i always feel like people are judging and i feel very insecure (despite people saying i am very pretty etc). I've been having this problem of caring too much and its not good. Yesterday it became official and I had no problem displaying or holding hands since it wasn't school and no one knew me. But at times when we were in a quiet lonely place and we were going to kiss i would freeze when i would see people pass by. He told me not to care since i dont know them and stuff. I really want ti improve and be able to hold hands and be affectionate in school without caring what people say (i see many couples and how they dont worry and Im pretty sure he would feel hurt if i dont do it like if i am embarrassed which im not- he says we can take small steps but i really want to make this work) Im also new in relationships


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  • who cares what people think. Its your life, and if you want to hold hands with him, do it. If people say something, be like oh sorry does this make you jealous cause u can't have this? Thats pretty salty but you can't have people judging you. Dont be afraid!

    • hahah thank you. I am sorry but you were a year too late lol We broke up 3 months ago :)


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  • Just stay close to him while holding hands and squeeze his hand tight when you get nervous. And to start slow, only kiss him when most anybody is not looking. And just give him a quick peck

    • I don't know i just feel like it would be silly to be holding hands because i am short and he's 6'1. I will take the quick peck into consideration.

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  • Some people just don't like pdas nothing wrong with that. He must adjust to you and not do too much and you must adjust to him and give a little like a quick peck on the cheek or something.

    • you are right, i shouldn't worry. Yes we both have to work at it. Thank you. I think pecks are okay when its just the two of us and not infront of everyone