Can you really love someone you usually only see 1-2 times a month?

To keep it short, is it possible to be in a healthy, happy relationship with someone you typically only see a few times a month?

We're not long distance... we live in the same city. I understand the reasons why it's sometimes hard to see each other. I do not think they are as dramatic as they are often made out to be, but...

Also, I'll throw this in just in case. It's not... like I don't see him once a month, we have sex, and then I don't see him again for another few weeks. So, I don't feel necessarily feel like I'm just here for sex, because we... rarely have sex.

We've been together for about a year and a half.


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  • I have near the same situation. after six months we get to see each other more, but he's older and I'm not allowed to be with guys so its very undercover, we talk every day and i do care for him immensely going on nine months. and very very happy, it may feel like just sex sometimes but then we talk and it makes up for it.


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  • Hmmm probably but hard to say.

  • I need to see my man more often or I feel lonely.