Is it normal to have negative feelings towards your significant others ex?

So my bf broke up with her and it's been over 2years. but Theya re still friends. Heh don't hang or regularly or anything and I've never met her. And I trust my bf but why do j keep getting these negative emotions when I think of her? And I keep thinking she probably left some of herself on him. It drives me crazy at times. Although it's never always. It's an icky feeling I can't shake. Anyone else have this kind of feeling? I don't act out on my bf about it but it makes be feel dirty. I guess imagining sharing your significant other is not the best image? Anyone?


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  • It's jealously and protectiveness. I feel like shit whenever my girlfriend mentions any of her (numerous) exes even though I trust her. Tell your boyfriend about this; you can't stop him from being friends with her, but hopefully he'll try to make you feel better.


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  • this happened with me and my bf. he was helping his ex though family problems because he was the only one who understood.. and she knew that he was with me... i didn't like him talking to her but i didn't tell him becuase i trust him.. but the ex messaged him one day.. while i was with him and told him she was sorry for all she did while they were together and how she still loves him.. that was when i told him i didn't like him talking to her and he respected my wishes becasue he loves me not her and wants to be with me. so if you are having uneasy thoughts about this ex.. i would talk to him about it and if he gets mad and defensive.. he isn't worth your time