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So me and my boyfriend are dating for over two years now and we used to be on and off and he's pissed at me because I messaged two guys which were his friends about him though, saying to keep an eye on him or talk to him because he was feeling sad (Idk I thought that's what girlfriends were supposed to do) and I also gave his one friends free food earlier that day. And now he wants to break up and he is overly pissed. Like severely.. Am I in the wrong? Is he over reacting?


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  • ... He's overreacting. What you did was really nice.

    It's possible that what he *wanted* was some more attention from YOU, and maybe wanted to feel wanted himself. And then you got his friends to give him attention and you were being nice to this other guy instead of wanting him. In any case, acting like a 7-year-old who had his favorite toy taken away is not the way to handle it (what, you're a toy truck?) If he's feeling he needs attention (which is a legitimate thing to want), he needs to talk to you about it, not get pissed.

    If he's not able to learn to do that... you don't need to stay with that ><

    If you want to start a conversation with him, you might remind him that you're a normal person who has multiple friends, and then ask him what he'd have most liked you to have done. (Keep in mind that you're not his toy, and what you did was really nice, even if it doesn't look like it to him atm) What he answers might tell you a lot.


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  • It sounds like he is getting insecure about something. This stuff can come from anywhere really but is always damaging. But try to remember it comes from a loving place... He is just afraid of loosing you would be my guess. Try to talk it out

  • He's overreacting like a little bitch. ... lol!


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