Is it bad to go out on a date when you had a break-up 3 days ago?

So.. we broke up a couple of days ago. For some reason, I don't feel sad or depressed or anything. I don't want him back and I'm okey if he wants to see other people.

However, people found out I'm single again, and 3 guys asked me out on a date during the past 24 hrs, including one of his friends.

Is it bad if I want to go out dating, even when I'm not looking for something serious? (I'm not looking for a hook-up or something either. I just want to meet new people)


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  • I would give yourself just a little more time, maybe two weeks, just to allow yourself to deal with any feelings that may come up and not to rush into anything. But if after that you still feel indifferent over the break-up then go for it.