Girls am I a jerk told a girl I like her best friend aswell?

She told me to fuck off.. She upset. I wasn't dating her.. She block me on Facebook


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  • If you told a girl that you like hr and her best friend... yup. That sounds like a very "jerk" thing to say. You probably hurt her feelings if she likes you cause now she doesn't feel special anymore.

    • We weren't dating. Will she calm down and get over it. Her best friend told me to fuck off aswell. I judge who her friend was dating. So the girl that likes me called me a kid. I just didn't think and said I like your friend aswell

    • The damage is done. You made her feel as if she's second best to her friend and that you don't like just her. She won't calm down or change till you tell her you weren't telling the truth.


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  • Yes, that was a jerkish thing to do. She may have been interested in you till you told her "I like your best friend too". How would you feel if a girl told you the exact same thing?


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  • You may have destroyed a dream or a hope.

    • Her friend told me to fuck off aswell , I have bad luck woman.. The hard to please

    • There may have been a girl's pow-pow.