How do I tell my boyfriend I need more time from him?

My boyfriend has become distant. He hardly calls or texts and he hardly comes to meet me these days. I told him nicely I need more time from him. He says ok. But he doesn't really do it. Im worried we might break up cuz of this.
I kinda fought with him yesterday and he hasn't said anything till now.

Why can't guys just talk about their problems. About what they are angry about. Im no mind reader but my boyfriend still acts aloof. So I've decided I won't let anyone treat me that way. I can't wait around for a guy. So I broke up with him.


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  • You're just going to push him away even further by trying to get him to see you more. Fighting, drama, neediness.. Thats's how he sees it and he doesn't like it. He doesn't want to feel obligated to see you (and you don't want him to either). he should see you because he wants to see you. Give him space. If he's pulling away you pushing will only make him leave faster. Stop bothering him and focus on yourself. Go out with your friends, pick up a new hobby and just be happy on your own. Give him the opportunity to miss you a little and wonder why you're not contacting him as often, why YOU seem distant. When he contacts you be happy and interesting, end the conversations first by saying you have to go do this or that, don't always say yes to seeing him (even if you want to) instead tell him you can't because you're already promised a friend to see her or whatever. He needs to get the chance to miss you, see that you're fine without him and that he can't take you for granted.

    • I didn't wanna b one of those girls. The ones who gets so absorbed into the relationship & lose touch with everything else. I let my happiness rather my sanity depend on him. And I let my anger control my actions. And you 're right. Seeing and meeting me shouldn't be a chore. He should want to spend time with me.


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  • Better to give him some space


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  • When did you say, you want more time, and he said ok? Has it passed long time since? I mean I just wonder you give enough time to him, or you reacted fast?