Can you ever be too forward with women?

I was told a few times by both men and women here, that there's no such thing as being too forward with women.

What's your opinion? I am not saying being crude or vulgar going around screaming WOOOO I WANNA F*CK YOUR BRAINS OUT, but as far initiating things like dating etc.


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  • Lol whoever told you that doesn't know what they're talking about. It's very possible to be too forward with a girl, especially if you don't know each other very well. You shouldn't be afraid to initiate things but just try not to come on like you're desperate, that's a quick way to scare a girl away.


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  • Yeah, especially, if she's shy, and if she doesn't seem to be interested.. Like, i'm a shy person, and a guy I don't know suddently came up to me and asked me out, I'd get scared and go away :D :D


    • ALWAYS, YES what? That we're always too forward and yes we can be too forward?

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    • Please, elaborate.

    • Use your own noodle today then if still clueless, may offer help tomorrow

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  • Of course you can; "I'm taking you on a date and you have absolutely no choice in the matter. I'll pick you up tomorrow at 20:00, you better be ready because I will be."

    Basically, you can easily be too forward if you aren't giving the lady a choice. But it also depends who you're talking to, if you think you're being too forward, reign it in. That quote I just said could either excite a woman and make her feel like you're pretty badass, or could intimidate her into not wanting to know.

    • I think there's a misunderstanding. I am not saying pull some faux alpha male/attempted masculinity bullsh*t, but if you're interested in a person you just say it and if it doesn't pan out it doesn't pan out, and if it does it does kind of thing. Get what I mean?

    • Possibly, I was just using another example though - slightly less extreme than yours haha. Being too forward and letting someone know how you feel about them are two very different things though, I guess if you like someone you should have a grasp as to how they might react depending on how you go about letting them know.

  • Lol... dude... That line!

    No you can't be too forward with them... becz they are never forward with us...