I've put on so much weight and now guys don't pay attention to me I feel ugly and disguisting what can I do?

I dated this guy for 8 months he abussed me quite bad so I moved States to get away from him after this happened I felt
Depressed so all I would do was eat it's now been two years since this happened and I'm completely over it but I've put on so much weight guys are disgusted by me where as when I was skinny not to be on myself but I got a lot of guy attention the last
Year I have been going to the gym at least 4 times a week for an hour a session eating healthy I can't lose
Weight and
Fear as though no one is going to be attracted to me


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  • It took 2 years to put the weight on.

    It will come off. Not by next month. But overall, pretty soon. You can do this.

    • It took not even a year to put it on I've been exercising and eating Healthy for the past yer it doesn't seem to help I went from a size 6 to a size 10-12

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    • Do you have a family doctor?

    • No I dont


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  • Work on losing weight... it takes time but it can be done (I've done it)

  • You can lose weight. That will help.

  • Lose weight.

  • Ok I can easily help you in this cause I go to gym n I am a little fit and I m studying about gym training and healthy eating plans


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  • I'm really sorry you were abused. :/ Pls.. Ik this sounds corny but don't let guys not paying attention to you make you feel ugly. You have to start w yourself and how you feel about yourself. People gain weight, it happens. Your goal has to be to be healthy, not for guy's attention. You really have to be mentally prepared to lose weight, because it requires a lifestyle change (eating better, working out). If you're not completely ready for that, it won't work.