When he sees it?

My ends break very easily and really often.. Last night I stayed over for the first time at his house, we are dating, and while we were fooling around there was a lot of hair grabbing and stuff that really killed my hair.. But it was dark so oit wasn't noticeable, I'm afraid of his reaction when he sees it.. *the sheets were white and my hair is dark, would that seriously gross you out?


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  • I have super long hair and I shed like a dog haha, I was always self conscious about it when my bf and I started staying the night together, but he thinks it's hilarious... And honestly I do too, there is always a long piece of hair hanging out of his beard lol. If he really likes you it won't be a problem, you'll both laugh about it. If he seriously gets disgusted by it then he's a dick.


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  • To me not if I find a girls hairs sexy then does NOT matters if they are from her head or from her underwear, and if they are on her head or on my bed, I will always find them sexy. But I will be concerned that my girl is getting bald. I take her to doc to get her stronger hair instead.

  • He won't notice.


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