My crush told me a long story about how he has a crazy stalker.. now I'm afraid to ask him out?

I have a crush on one of my classmates (we're lab partners).. we get along really well & he gives me rides home after class sometimes. So he texted me he can't make it to class tmrw because he has to go to court to file a restraining order against this girl. I replied asking what happened & if everything was ok, and he said 1 of his female classmates (in a different class) asked him to meet up to study. He thought it was a friendly thing, but the girl wanted more (he told her he wasn't looking to date anyone?). Apparently she started making multiple FB accounts (after he blocked her) to say she loved him and also tracked down & harassed his female friends.

Anyways, I was originally thinking about asking him to lunch the next time I saw him, but after this story I'm seriously considering aborting my plan (I don't wanna look like some crazy stalker haha!). Also I'm a little afraid of that crazy girl :P. Should I still ask him to lunch in this case? It also sounds like he's not interested in dating anyone anyways..


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  • Give it a little time. He obviously has a lot on his plate right now and I think this is your best motive. Wait till the whole stalker thing extinguishes, and then maybe ask him. Let him deal with this first, and then go get him. Good luck btw!


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  • Maybe you should get him to know you a little first, so he feels more open to you :)

  • Crazy stalker means one of two things. Either he got dumped by her and isn't over her. Or he's a shit boyf