Do guys care about your number of people you've slept with?

this guy that I have been talking to for about a week we have joked around about having a sexual relation with each other, or at least I see it as joking but he has not yet asked me about my past I mean I have told him I have only been with one person but I have not told him about the issues with my bad past relationship which he does know I do have some issues just not what should I tell him should I wait for him to ask should I bring it up


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  • Yes guys usually care about the number of guys a girl has been with, unless they've slept around a lot themselves. I don't fully understand what you're asking though. It seems incomprehensible and unrelated to the title question.


What Girls Said 1

  • In my experience, guys love it when they find out how few I have slept with. Especially if you are attractive too; I think it even makes you more attractive to them.