Is this to overboard?

Is this a turn off to text a girl or message asking to meet up that I want to talk to her about something that's been on my heart for awhile? What's your guys oponion on this?


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  • Get it off your chest. I think it's fine. Good luck!

    Would you look at mine please? Thanks!

    • I just don't want to scare her off. I've had a crush on her for awhile but have never told her since I'm a shy type. I'm not even she if she intrested in me.

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    • Well I was going to ask in person but wanted to tell her I have something first maybe hint.

    • Sounds good to me! Good luck


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  • I don't see why not. I would even say "I really need to tell you something important"

  • Go fot it 👍

  • Nope, but I don't know if I would say "something that's been on my heart for a while", that might scare her off. Just say you wanna talk.

    • What aboy just taking off for awhile and leaving the rest? Or should I not even say heart period?

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    • Also. I was going to ask her out in person. I was thinking of saying would you be my vakin time and go out with me? And I also thought about giving her a rose while saying it. Would that be ok or to much

    • It's sweet. Go for it!!!

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