Giving him space... do it work or hurt?

This guy and I have been friends for little shy of two years now. But the beginning of the year is when we decided to become sexually active. Now I'm attached because he's the second guy I've had sex with and I'm the type of girl that once I let my guard down I become a little mushy and just want to talk to you all day and be around you.

But now his career has him extremely busy, he owns a store and also manage two music artist. So I barely see him. He says things like "I'm going to try my best to see you" "I'm sorry I been so busy I'm just trying to get us wealthy" and "I love you babe".

My question is I don't want to seem like I'm smothering him by continuously texting him or asking can I see him this day or that day. Should I just give him his space? Or would that give him chances to stray away?


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  • Keep in regular contact. He may think you're losing interest otherwise. He'll let you know when his schedule will be open for visiting.


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  • Don't text him so much