Has anyone been in a open relationship? and if u have how did it go?

im asking because i like being in a relationship , but than again im 21 and that's young to be with one person , i always thought i wouldn't mind if my bf slept with another girl aslong he don't do a girl i know or lives right around the block.. because we live only once and i don't want to waste my time with one person who u stay faithful with and you guys end up breaking up years later but your old and can't go back


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  • Um... no. Those are not for me. I am 100% committed and he sure as hell better be too.

    • ya some people aren't meant for it


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  • I was in an open relationship for like half a year because my then-girlfriend wasn't physically healthy enough to have sex so she told me I could hook up with or even date other women. I never did though, I was in love.

    • Closest I came was watching a movie with a girl on her bed.

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    • No, I'd probably have been pretty upset if she had seen another guy. But at the very least I'm not a hypocrite!

    • ha ha

  • My open relationship is with a friends with benefits kind, never liked the idea of marriage so I like what I have right now. its going well, and you are right it would be awkward if I knew the guys she was dating

    • totally agree im on the same, I gues weren't meant for relationships

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    • Maybe, lol, but it's just I want to do so many things and not be tied down right now

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  • i am rn! its fun but its also kinda uncomfortable sometimes cuz its really great when you are the one getting a little on the side but it kinda hurts when it goes the other way... but overall im happy with it. if you are not actually "in love" or still pretty young there is no point being exclusive.

    • that's awesome , you think you guys will change later on? if you ending up do loving eachother maybe more serious or no

    • yeah thats definitely possible... we have very slowly been developing feelings for each other since we met last year but we live far away right now so a true relationship is kinda impractical. (my dad thinks we are going to get married some day but thats just cuz he met my mom at the same age and had a similar long distance situation)