What do I order to drink?

Ya I know it's ironic because of my username (ignore it I made this 5 years ago). So I'm meeting my POT for the first time tonight and we're going out for drinks. What should I order? Please only comment if you're an adult who actually knows what they're talking about lol. I mean if I ordered what I liked (vodka or a scotch) then I'm afraid that would be very off putting. But I can't do beer or wine either, it needs to be liquor.

Ok I meant I'm going on a date-but it's kind of an important date. Forget I said Pot.


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  • What does POT stand for?

    • Ok let's just say I'm going on a date.

    • Um.. ok. Well just order some sort of cocktail if beer and wine are off the table. Quit worrying about what other people think. I can't imagine a time where I met a girl I thought was hot as Hell and then got upset because of what she ordered to drink.


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  • Can never go wrong with a mixed drink. Just be aware of your tolerance as they can be deceptively strong sometimes. Stay away from shots. Most mixed shots have a drink form as well. If you can't find something you like or if you do and the bartender does not know it. Ask them for a suggestion and lay our your tastes for what you are looking for.

  • fuck alcohol, order some Pepsi or Sprite... don;t damage your health with "legalized drugs"

  • Hmmm... Don't order any of these shots/cocktails:

    Sex on the beach
    Cocksucking cowboy
    Wet pussy


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  • Is drinking legal at 18 where you are? Whats POT? At your age I'm surprised by your drink choices/preferences.

    • Yeah 16 is the legal age where I am. It means potential sugar daddy. I can already feel you hating me now that I've said that­čśé­čśé­čśé Aye at least I'm honest.