How do u get a bf if men hate you?

Everyone thinks because ur hot u can get any guy u want but the sad truth is if ur hot u can't get any guy and that is the damn truth. Every guy sees u as a threat and they hate the power u have as a hot girl and literally want to destroy u. U say it's not true? I'm living proof and a virgin and super hot. Can't get a boyfriend am always single and I'm not even picky. The problem is most men will reject u even if u ask them out because ur stunning. They'll date really ugly weird women and abuse and reject you. Lately I've been having this problem where all men want to do is make me feel uncomfortable on a date. Put me down if I object to it they try to call me crazy then later they'll harass me online and go all out trying to insult dominate and treat me like shlt.

I'm super nice. Down to earth friendly cool. I treat them with respect but they treat me like crap cuz I'm pretty. This is about 98 percent of dates and 95 percent of men in general. What the fuk is their twisted problem and what is wrong with these sickos? They treat me like an ugly fat butch woman who is bipolar and psycho. They try to make me feel ugly and treat me lower than shlt and I mean in a sadistic cruel evil way. I'm petite thin hot gorgeous. Think Christina applegate when she was younger maybe or (I'm like the hot girl who's every guys type) but dark hair exotic gorgeous.

I'm nice as they get. Never mean or bltchy. I believe in kindness etc. They make fun of me laugh at me their entire goal i swear is to make me suffer. They will not give me oral sex if it goes there it turns into a game of domination. I can't get a sex life tho i am a sex object and men r so turned on by me they freak out. It's crazy and messed up. What can super hot nice women do to meet a guy if 98 percent of the male population is narcissistic and hates us bc were sexually hot and powerful? Worse they pamper rude crazy fat butch or ugly women and treat them like goddesses. Huh?

Every date I have now just wants to treat me like crap in some way. Rude weird strange jerks mean or something else. I'm positive friendly and they're on a mission to destroy me. One guy even said I'm making sure you go down! After he treated me like crap on a date then harassed me online for no reason. Even said it was ok for the server to be rude cuz "you're beautiful". His attitude was that of cruelty and hatred. I feel like a deer being attacked by a hunter
They treat me like a girl who broke their heart and ruined their life. They project their anger and hate on me. They have anger and hate for me. Even the geekiest guys some Vietnamese creep spent days harassing me trying to make me feel bad insulting me. They go psycho and don't stop and they're proud for being so mean and cruel. Others just act like they're better than me. Men these days hate hot women really hate them badly. It's like a parallel universe


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  • I know the feeling. Nearly 22 an virgin. Guys are scared of me, i see average girls so happy. Wish i was uglier then i am maybe guys would want to stay with me. This bit i agree with. I can't get a sex life tho i am a sex object and men r so turned on by me they freak out.

    When i meet a guy they get turned on by date 2. they want sex early. :( i never meet good men just players, liars, narcissistic and controlling men. I hope you find a good egg one day i know how you feel!!!

    • Lol. Omg I know exactly how u feel and it sucks and it's so terrible. It's horrible omg to wish almost subconsciously that ur less attractive it's something unheard of but that's what these jerks make u feel like. I'm sorry you and other women have to go through this. Then you'll see these creeps with fat ugly women and then treat u like crap or weird and it makes no sense. It's really twisted and should never be happening. But never wish you were uglier embrace your beauty. I know it's hard when u go through that and they treat u like an object but beauty is a good thing it's just these creeps that want to make you feel like it isn't because they're jealous. Just a sad weird society these days

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    • Omg that is so damn true. They Act intimidated but the truth is you're the one really scared because they're the idiots that will run away from you no matter what and yes call u pretty but ditch you. Men are so stupid. This society really is messed up


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  • I only read the first paragraph, and unless you meet a guy who is better than you (or at least convinces you that he is) you will be in and out of relationships.

    Women don't want to win, they want a winner.

    A guy sees you as the winner because of how attractive you are, and they themselves think you are better than them.

    Them being a jerk is there way of trying to bring you down to their level. They are trying to get you off your pedestal, or at least the pedestal they have you on.

  • you can thank all the other hot girls for giving hot girls everywhere a bad reputation lol. one thing you are incorrect about; not every guy wants to destroy you. unless you mean "destroy that pussy" which I highly doubt.

    • "hot mean girls" damit

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    • And I didn't do p*rn ie he just posted pictures of me. But still. Men r nuts

    • lot of shitty people out there. we all have to be careful.

  • I can't be the only one who wants to see a picture of what this girl looks like. Just out of harmless curiosity.

    • Average pretty think any celebrity. Alyssa Milano or Britney Spears. Pretty but girl next door really average pretty. I've been told I look like Catherine zeta jones Tiffani Amber thiessen angelina jolie but I don't look like any of them. More like shakira maybe or whatever. I'm not that hot men r just crazy and hate any kind of beauty

  • I don't know where the fuck you meet guys lol!
    to be honest maybe you should try finding guys in a differnt way, that way you will find normal guys

    If you are kind polite and smile and as beautiful as you say, you should have no problem finding a man who will treat you right, i think your problem is you are looking in the wrong places,
    good luck!

    • It's everywhere. I mean guys everywhere do this to me. Yes the guys online r worse but males have been doing this to me for eons but it's worse now. I look innocent too and can't get the utter hate they have for me. Like I'm a force and they just want to destroy me
      This Vietnamese guy was so psycho it's scary. Lots of other males too once a man harassed me at a restaurant cuz he had to pay for my meal and he has lots of money

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    • He treated me as if I was such a bltch or hurt him just because I'm pretty. He said bye as If YEAH WHATEVER. As if my goodbye was fake or I didn't make a move on him while he treated me so rudely. As if yeah sure. Sure. Or as if I was a mean person all while he was so Rude to me to where I had to compensate by being friendly and him treating me like he's better than me. He treated me like I wronged him when all he did was wrong me and I was only nice to him. Geez. Sickos and idiots out there such jerks. The screwed up nature of males out there is sickening. They project all their hate onto the nicest women and treat the bltches like queens.

    • i am sorry to hear about that disaster date
      i would suggest looking at the past 5 bad dates you had, see if there was a pattern of how u met, what kind of guys they are or anything else, if there is a pattern you have to break it when looking for your next date

  • I'm sorry for your misfortune with guys I can relate to what your saying, although I'm a middle aged white male I've known five women and still lonely my heart goes out to yu dear♡


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  • I don't even know where to begin...

  • maybe lower your hotness if that's the issue here...

    • I dress down and average. I pretty much dress as down as I can sadly I hate attention and do everything to get no attention so even when I look like crap they treat me this way.
      Even if I have a stained shirt and haven't showered I still get the she's a hot girl treatment. The one time guys hit on me I looked so disheveled I was me embarrassed to be out in public. So if I look like a disgusting freak men will hit on me I kid u not. I have to tone myself down 15 notches. If I look normal casual presentable I get hated on like wtf

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    • I'm shocked you're in your 30s and this is your problem. everyone else will be shocked not because you're fuckin pretty. you sound like a joke.

    • Well u have problems
      And ur rude. Calling people a joke makes u a loser and a
      Stupid bltch. Try getting a brain and a personality u rude thing. You are messed

  • You seem a bit conceded to be honest.. try being more humble

    • You're the one who is conceded. Grow up and stop putting others down because u pitiful idiotic brain and lack of character can't think of anything better to do

  • Not all men hate you lol. You'll find that one guy that isn't bothered by any of that. Patience i think lol