How do couples get together?

How does a couple get together? Does it always have to start with one person asking the other out?


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  • Um...99.999999999999% of the time one member has to ask the other out.

    So either find someone to ask you out or you do the asking. People are oblivious even when the signs are all right there saying the other is interested. Too scared to take the chance. Makes for a bunch of bitter ass people.

    I met my boyfriend in 8th grade in Costa Rica - crashed into him in the ocean. And I literally had to tell him that if he asked me out I'd say yes. And then I ended up being the one doing the asking anyway. It wasn't until we were on the date that I asked him on, and I drove on, and I paid for, that he asked if we could be official.

    He needed a LOT of certainty that I was interested apparently. :P


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  • 99% of the time, it does have to start that way. My boyfriend and I were an exception - it was a mutual decision after months of hooking up casually (which was also initiated mutually after years of being friends). We both knew we had feelings for each other so we just had a conversation like "Hey let's do this for real."

  • Basically, or just start asking her to hang out with you, and text each other a lot and eventually ask her out

  • I met my husband in college.


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