What was your last argument with your S/O about?

What was the argument about? Is it resolved?


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  • It was about whether I should press charges of assault on someone. He said I shouldn't and I was swaying towards "I should." I didn't, but we got into a little fight because of it. It's resolved now. It wasn't that much of a fight, but I was a little pissed at him for a week because of some things he said during that time.

  • In December my friends came over, including her, who had just gotten back from a family trip. We were having beer and she was in a bad mood, got pissed, said she wasn't gonna drink beer because she wasn't "that cheap", we fought I got mad at what she implied. We didn't talk for days and then when we did, she ended up saying she wasn't really mad because of the beer, it was because when she was away I went to my friend's place to watch a movie and she got jealous ugh... I can't read minds lol so unless you tell me something bothers you, I won't know and obviously won't apologize.