Why is dating being taken less and less seriously?

What's going on in the dating world? Everything I see on here about dating is talking about wanting an, "open relationship" and I'm not talking about communication... It just seems like dating is just one big joke. No one wants to be committed to anyone, but they don't want to see that person with someone else. It makes no sense. Or that friends with benefits jazz. Am I the only one who thinks that's just weird? I'm 17, and I think that's weird. Does no one seek regular relationships and companionship nowadays? Why is everything just about sex?


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  • IKR what the fuck.
    I REALLY, REALLY wish it was like the 50s (or 60s, 70s, 80s) where people dated with a future marriage in mind.
    Am I the only one who would only date someone if I could see myself getting married to them eventually, and spending the rest of my life with them?

    Maybe that's why I haven't had a girlfriend yet. Hopefully I find one who thinks like I do.

    • I haven't had a boyfriend for the same reason! Lol your not alone :)

    • But there's probably no way of knowing if someone is like that unless you start dating them...


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  • Because anybody can date. This person can lay with this one and that one and do not care. It has became like a hobby or just something to do.

  • There are too many people that are cowards!

    In short, they are AFRAID and SCARED, to take the emotional risk of being in a committed relationship.


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  • I'm 19 and I think it's ok.
    I mean I want maybe 6 kids
    Maybe with different guys
    Unorthodox yes
    Bad, no
    You may change you mind later
    So may i

  • miley cyrus turned into a hoe.. which made all her followers turn into hoes.. and guys are like... i can have any bitch i want so they dont want to be commited and shit.. but there is that one in like a f*cking thousand that actually wants a relationship.. just the two of you.. and its a wonderful time.. and you want to try your best to keep him because he is seeing an endangered animal..