Is it really a big deal for girls to give their number out to a guy when he ask?

Why Is it a big deal sometimes for a girl to give her number out to a guy when he ask? Nearly everyone alive has a smart phone and with today's techknowledgy you can easily change your number or download apps with fake phone numbers. I mean you'd have to be pretty stupid to try and stalk someone especially if they have an iPhone or android. You'll mostlikely be tracked down and caught immediately so if the guy is a loser don't answer his calls and I'm sure he'll get the hint sooner later lol so what's the big deal?


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  • Not to me. In my mind it's like "just give it to him
    You can decide later"

    • I agree with you sometimes because it's like judging a book by it's cover. A girl or guy might be ugly but sometimes the person can be really funny or know how to bring excitement to your life.

    • Thanks for the MHO :)


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  • I won't give out my number until I have decided you are not a psycho stalker and I desire friendship or more from you. Sounds stuck up but I would rather be safe than sorry. I have had more than my fair share of phone stalkers and no desire to go through it again.

    • Doesn't sound stuck up at all, believe me I know how crazy some guys can act over a girl... Sheesh I won't lie... I have my moments to and I have to check myself and just act like she doesn't exist anymore.. No need to feel bad though sometimes ladies just have that affect on a guy when he has a problem with sharing

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    • Try giving her yours instead?

    • How often do they use it lol

  • With today's technology a guy can put your number into a phone look up site and have your address like that. Pretty scary stuff.

    • I hope you haven ran into those kinda guys😳 but I see your point perhaps that's why everyone's migrating to these weak ass online dating sites... I miss the old days where you see a girl and go and talk and get her number so you can hang out later smh.. Too much goin on in a dating website and it defeats the purpose of talking. In real life like durning dinner or go on long walks.

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    • Damn...😓😒 yah that is creepy, and usually it is girls always got 5 other guys lined up behind me lol. Kinda sux but I guess everyone wants a backup plan smh... And do t get me started on these dating websites..😤 girls usually don't even read your message unless you look like a male model hahaha 9 out of 10 chances your message probably hit the trash bin before she opened it that's why I just sign up to see what's goin on. I don't put too much faith in an online dating site.. And most of my friends got like 4 girls lined up on a Friday or Saturday night incase one cancels smh I guess times have changed huh... I don't know about you but I didn't wanna have to go through 80 people in life to find that special person I wanna be with forever

    • No I want to find someone I can be with forever. I don't want to go out with an endless line of guys

  • If we have all ready decided that we are not interested in a guy, we don't want to give out our number.
    It's not always that were trying to be mean or anything. It's just that we don't want to lead a guy on like that.


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  • Give me your address instead!