Guys, is it okay for an unattractive girl to wear little to no makeup?

My face isn't attractive but I dislike caking my face with makeup. Sometimes I go out with applying blush, lip gloss, and mascara only so it's a 'natural look' and other times I don't wear any make up at all.
I hear guys like girls without makeup but I think that's not all true because they seem to go for those with so much makeup and my face isn't pretty naturally.


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  • Nearly every woman on the planet is going to look better with makeup--that's why it exists, after all. Post a picture of yourself so I can judge better.

    • So why do guys talk about liking women without makeup when they go for the opposite and once they take it off they think the girl is ugly?

    • I'd never heard a guy say that; a few guys might say it around women to make them feel better, but that's it.

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  • They want a naturally pretty girl. I'm not enough naturally pretty for me. So i apply make up, not a lot, just enough to feel good and feminine. And it's fun for me, i used to play with make up when i was little and now i'm a real woman. When i went out with make up, more guys approached than when iwasn't wearing any make up. So i do it. It just a boost to my self esteem. And it's easy. Girls are more pressured to look pretty, guys are more visual than girls, that's why, and we're supposed to be the pretty ones. But try not to care so much about it, because it's not that important, if you care too much, it can lower your self esteem, sometimes "pretty hurts" like Beyonce said

  • Don't listen to anybody else