Woman I'm talking to is not putting any effort into texting?

This young lady and I are currently talking. We've been on a few dates. Everything went well. She even started asking mutual friends what kind of person I am, but there's a huge red flag. She hardly ever text back. We will text for a few minutes then she won't read my text for a few hours. Then she will not respond. I'm thinking of just calling it quits because I can't read her. It seems she just likes to have attention. She said she really doesn't even go on Dates but she went with me. She said she had a great time, and she wanted to go out more and she was going to pay. I just understand. Someone elaborate. She doesn't have a full time job. We're both college students.


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  • Could it be that she's actually busy?


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  • its common, forget it, move on…delete her number