How am I suppose to even meet guys?

I'm 17, not really in school. Not really in any male environment and I'm bored. I have a fuck buddy but I don't like him. I never liked any of my fuck buddies, I settle for them. I'm sick of settling but I feel like I'm never gonna experience being mutually attracted to somebody hot and getting with them like in the movies. I'm not mixxy or popular but the parties I do go to suck and the boys are *never* cute. And that's it. Where am I suppose to go to meet guys, how am I suppose to meet guys? It's so boring to get up everyday to then not even be around boys or just be around a bunch of nobodies and then end up bored enough to fuck one too. Or am I just being unrealistic because cute boys are either an endangered species or gay.


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  • Um... go to events and societies and stuff?
    I mean... what are your hobbies?
    What do you like to do?

    (besides from sex , yes I caught that)

    • I mean I'm a pot head. Pretty much it. What do you mean by events.

    • Like if you're into photography or maybe theater or tennis or archery or whatever those societies and clubs often hold events , why not join up and have fun meeting someone you have something common with?

      Also... okay... pot head uhh... maybe look for some underground stuff then?

      I mean come on... other than smoking pot you gotta enjoy doing something else too right?
      Hiking? Drama? Anything?

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  • Why did you put your age as 24 then dude.

  • Not that hard to find a cute guy😊

  • Honestly, if being a pot-head is you're only noteworthy activity, then you're going to be a boring person who is only good for being a fuck buddy. If all you want is a hot fuck buddy then just find a hot guy on the street or at the beach or something. Apparently it's not hard for you to exercise your hot girl privilege to get sex.


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