My girl has self-esteem issues, how can I help her understand that she shouldn't feel that way?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost a year, I really care about her so that's why I'm asking for opinions. She comes from a loving, close family. She has a great body, beautiful face/personality and she does well in school, I remind her everyday how lucky I am to be with her and that I love her but still has this thoughts that she isn't good enough and sometimes it has affect her for making decisions and attending to certain events. I really don't want this to affect our relationship or most importantly to affect her future career, school and friends. What else can I do to help her out?


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  • As a guy with an extreme anxiety dissorder I can tell you that the things you're currently doing are brilliant! A+
    I think it would be super nice if you were to write down a list (maybe on a whiteboard where she can see it or something) everything you love about her, her body, and her personality. If you don't have a way to do that privately or feel embarassed about it then just speek to her 1 on 1 and tell her how much you care and love her and tell her that you don't want her to miss out on opertunities because she's being self concious over something that isn't true


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  • What exactly does she feel insecure about?

    • About other girls, that's why alway grab her close to me when we go out so those bitches know that's she's my girlfriend. But sometime she's feel she's not good enough to apply for an internship or job or that she's not smart enough to compete on a business case

    • Oh I see. That's not uncommon. Keep on reassuring her that you're there for her and you love her. That she is NOT replaceable etc... About applying for jobs and stuff, just do the same thing. Tell her she could accomplish so much, why would you deny that for yourself?

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  • if she doesn't feel good enough for you maybe she feels replaceable. show her she's unique, take her to do things you like and hang with your friends together so she feels like no one would be as cool as her? I'm assuming a lot so don't take it serious if this is irrelevant