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Do Italian guys like black girls?

I'm African American and I like this guy he's Italian, he seems to show some interest in me, but I'm wondering if he would be interested in dating a black girl. I've heard that some Italians are attracted to black girls but I'm not sure. Any suggests or comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • well I'm partly Italian so I not sure if you will take my answer as valid or not but. I don't see why he wouldn't like you based on you being black, I don't think he would mind. I don't really think ethnicy matters anymore like it used to. I personally find black girls very beutiful as much as I find any other race of woman hot. he most likely does not see a problem in it and if you make it clear to him that you are interested, I'm sure he would love to go out with you. I don't know the full situation so I will help ass much as I can but maybe you should just try spending more time with him. be a little more flirtacious with him but keep it low key until you get the hint of whether he is interested or not. if you think he is then try being a little more flirty, once he knows you like him I see no reason why he wouldn't love to go out with you.anyway good luck and take care

    • Thanks G-Daz, that's so nice of you to say. I will take your advice and try and flirt a little with him. I really like him and I think it's worth a try. Again thanks for the advice.

    • Your welcome, glad to help :)

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