My ex told his friends every detail about me? why?

I recently found out that my ex bf has been telling his friends a lot about me since we aren't on that bad of terms and can still manage talking if we see each other around. I recently ran into my ex and we started to talk a bit I can't remember how this came up but he told me he had told a few of his friends a lot about what had happened between us and the reason we weren't together he also admitted that he told a couple of them every detail about me I just can't understand why I mean I don't know why but it just bugs me. I asked him why he would do that and that it bugged me a bit that he would talk about me like that when I don't know any of them but he wouldn't tell me why he did it. Honestly I just feel this kind of stuff is personal I don't go around talking about why we aren't together and personal details about him. I can understand maybe talking about it a bit but not the personal details that I made clear to him before that I would prefer that he kept it to himself. Also I know that my current bf doesn't like that stuff being said about me. Any idea why he would be talking about every detail to his friends about me? could use the advice/ help.


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  • It could be anything from anger about the break up to him trying to wrap his head around why it happened. If he's angry/jealous, he may go around spouting personal details, its childish, but it happens. If he is just trying to wrap his head around it, details are kind of necessary so one gets the full story before helping him figure it out. That second is still not justified if you guys still talk, because he could have just asked why. If its neither of the two, then its just guy talk. From what i hear, girls sometimes share personal details as well. What i don't get is why he would tell you he did that. So im leaning more towards anger/jealousy.

    • I think you could be right I know he seems upset he also keeps giving me this look that he always gave me when we were together that makes it seem like he still has some feeling for me the thing is tho is that he told three of his friends who happen to be girls and are about 5 or so years older then me one of them works at the mall and he pointed her out to me whenever I go past her or in the store it happens to be one of my favourite stores to she will openly give me looks and not very nice ones either and I agree he could just ask me why if he wasn't clear he made me out to be worse then I am it seems like tho cause he said he doesn't think they like me much yet they haven't met me I am just wondering why he's being so odd he could just talk to me and thank you I do believe you could be right

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    • You are very welcome.

    • Okay

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  • he's not over it, he's bitter towards you and needs to vent.

    • Yeah I think you might be right but if he wanted to vent he should have at least kept it brief on the details he shouldn't just tell people personal details when we agreed to keep that to ourselves I feel somewhat betrayed almost I had forgiven a lot and we put it behind us if we said it was best not to share our personal stuff with anyone then he should have kept his word and if he's bitter then he should deal with it in a better way I don't share details about him that could embarrass him and I don't share
      anything about our break up or relationship as I keep my word I get him not being over it but it just hurts that he would do that the stuff he said can really embarrass me and hurt me and already has a bit if more comes out just because he can't keep his word it would suck :/ and thanks

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    • and you're welcome.

    • Yeah hopefully