He has a girlfriend?

He is involved with someone for over 6 years now but he has been flirting with me for the past four with indirect hints and attention-hoging. He still hasn't broken up with her. Lately, I told him to go out and he kind of teased me about it. What is going on with him?

1. Will he break up with her soon?
2. Does he want to date me? Is he interested?
3. Why is he doing this to his gf behind her back?


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  • Hehas a long commitment, possibly arranged by his family, with the girl you mention.

    But he finds you more interesting!

    He can't break up with her, but he hpes you will agree to be a girl friend 'on the side', as it were.

    • He keeps teasing and never asks me out. He's an Indian actor by the way SHAHID KAPOOR.

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    • what do you think SHAHID will end up doing this year?

    • His family is of a different religion than hers and yours? His family may be involved with his relationship with her and he may find it hard to break up with her because of family involvement.
      But he will continue! to be fascinated by you!

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What Guys Said 2

  • 1. no he won't
    2. yes and no, bottom-line, he's prepping you up as either a spare or a fall back
    3. why are you going with the advances?

  • Why in god's name would you be even remotely interested in a guy that's fucking around behind his girlfriend's back? You think you're special enough that he won't do it to you if you get together? Don't kid yourself. Get out of it now.


What Girls Said 3

  • Why do you care if he is doing it to her he is no good period... if he has a girl you shouldn't let him do that don't entertain him period

  • 1. Don't count on it
    2. No he wants side fun
    3. Because he is sleazy

  • He won't leave her. And you do not want to start a relationship that way. He will cheat on you as well. There is probably other women as well honestly