Did I do something wrong?

My girl friend said she had a busy day today. She likes to go to bed early around 10pm. Today I texted her and at around 8:30 she said she was going to bed.

I asked if there was something wrong before she said she was going to bed because all of her texts today were 1-3 words. She said "no (nothings wrong), I'm just tired"

After about an 2 hours I went onto Facebook for the hell of it. I noticed that she was online, which means she wasn't asleep.

Did I do something wrong? Did she just not want to talk and want some alone time? What should I do?


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  • I would think the same in your situation. I'd probably just check in with her again and say ask her if she is ok, and let her know you are concerned about her as she went to bed early and tell her she can always talk to you about anything. I wouldn't just leave it alone because if it is something you have done then it will build up rather than resolve. I wouldn't mention that you saw her on Facebook - she will get defensive...

    • Should I check in (text her) or leave it alone until tomorrow? I'm stumped.

    • OK, so this has only just happened now I presume and you are in a differnet part of the world than me... I would leave it until at least morning or next day. Go see her if you can or phone her. Text isn't a great way to solve issues.

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  • NO! she probably had a rough day and just wanted some down time, we all check Facebook and instagram and stuff before we go to bed!! or she might have woken up in the middle of the night and just been checking her phone !! don't sweat it

  • It may also just be that she is logged on, on her phone or something, but isn't actually looking at the site? As if she forgot to log out?

    • No bc on the app on iPhone if you swipe left across the screen it shows friends on the right. It keeps refreshing the online time. Like it will say last online "9m ago" and then 20 min later it will say "2 min ago" so she is using it. I don't know.

    • She could just not be able to sleep, trying to pass the time. I really wouldn't be too worried. Just don't press her over it. However if it continues I would bring it up with her in convo though i doubt from the little I know bout this situation that you did anything wrong

  • I know some people who forget to turn off their chat, so I wouldn't worry. But it's possible something is bothering her, I would wait for her to come to you.


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  • If you can physically go see her, I would go see her and bring some massage oil. Give her a massage since she could be stressed; thus, triggering her tiredness.