Does she not like me at all? Please, I could really use some advice?

I have a crush on a girl in my school. I'm not sure if she is shy around guys or not because I've never seen her with one before. She only sticks with her friends, and all of them are girls.

Anyway, I and my friends have caught her looking and staring at me many times. Sometimes I'd catch her looking at me from the corner of her eyes. Whenever I walk past her, she'd look/glance at me and smile. We barely know each other but we've had a few short, casual conversations in person before and they all went pretty well. Also, it seems like she's extra shy and quiet when I'm in her vicinity, which is a good sign (so I've heard).

Doesn't it sound like she is into me? Yea, I used to think so as well. However, it sucks because I don't think she actually likes me. This is because recently I've started to chat with her on Facebook, but she doesn't seem like she likes talking to me very much. Her replies are somewhat cold and short. She takes a long time to reply, and sometimes she doesn't even bother to reply. Today I wished her a 'Happy Valentine's Day' but she only replied me with smileys.

I don't want her to think that I'm annoying or desperate so I've decided not to text her again. I'm kinda sad now so I'm thinking if I should just move on. I have other girls who like me but I only like this girl. However, I'm willing to give up on her if she doesn't like me.

Thanks for answering..


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  • Why don't you try asking her out? Maybe she's just afraid that you don't think of her in "that" way and only as a friend. If she's shy, then that might be it. Asking her out would help a lot. :)


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  • It does sound like she likes you. I wouldn't go by what she says through texts. The best way to find out one way or the other is to ask her out. You've had some conversations, so she already knows you a bit, and should feel comfortable going on a date with you. If she says no, well then at least you'll have your answer!

  • You sound like a really nice guy. U should try to flirt or like u said give up on her I hope for the best for u

  • On day, on Valentine's day, my bf broke up with me. The end.

    • I'm sorry to hear that, but that didn't answer my question. I hope you feel better soon though.

  • She could be attempting to friend zone you. It's hard to do it to a guy you like but worth it because it doesn't get awkward.


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