I made the biggest mistake by texting my ex on Valentine's Day. What do I do now?

So, my ex bf dumped me 4 months ago saying he didn't want a relationship. I cut contact with him completely back then, until he started reaching out to me several times. He sent me a text back in December, asking how I was doing and then later on New Year's he sent me a text wishing me a happy New Year. We texted back and forth at the time and he finally asked me if I would like to meet up with him at some point. I said 'sure, we could do that once you get back from your holiday'

I didn't hear from him anymore after that and today I then stupidly texted him 'Hi'

I feel like such a big idiot for doing it, but a part of me wanted to hear how he was doing.

How do I go about saving this now?


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  • What's the problem? You said "hi". You didn't say you still have feelings for him and will do anything to get back with him. Just leave it be. If he responds, then take it from there. If he doesn't then don't contact him. Nothing needs saving. You're fine.

    • Okay, thanks a lot for your answer :)

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  • Might as well go through with it.

    • So if he responds, should I just ask him how he is doing?

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    • Thanks again :)

    • very welcome.

  • Oh boy that's a toughy, its just a "hi" but the timing was really bad, anyway you can ignore his reply for a couple of days and than say hey, i have been busy how you doing and stuff and then stop talking to him for a while. i suggest that you stop talking to him altogether because why would you?

    • I did stop contact with him completely after our breakup, but he kept texting me and at some point asked to meet up. At the time, I said sure to meeting up but didn't hear from him again. I'm just being silly.. I really regret texting him now

    • Its totally normal, we've all texted our ex's at point in our lives, but its pointless to keep in touch with him, he is going to tell you he's changed and he wants another chance, and then he'll break your heart again, trust me, there are many awesome guys out there, its not just him, and once you meet another you are going to forget all about him, so my advice to you is to do as i told you previously and then block him.

  • So do you legitimately want to hear how he's doing? If not, just answer with one word texts until there's a point where it's natural to not respond

    • I kinda did want to hear how he was doing, but I just feel really silly for having texted him this on Valentine's Day. Now he's probably going to think that I'm still chasing him

    • Well I'd say just try not to think about it too much. If your answers are simply innocuous he won't think too much of it. Or just wait to text back tomorrow afternoon and he'll think you were busy all night tonight

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  • You should ask this question before that message. So there's nothing to do right now :) But don't worry, he was your bf in past and it's not a wrong thing to say "hi". But let me give you an advise. If a relationship is over there's no need to turn back and scratch that wound. Be ready for the next ones ;)