Would this make him think I'm not "wife-material"?

From talking to many guys, they feel that if a girl is dressed too sexy (skin and clevage showing, with short skirt, etc.), then the girl might just be a booty call at most, not someone they would marry.

Now, I have NOT ever worn short skirts or show my clevage, but I have worn fitness tanks many times. I am an armateur athlete, and sometimes I stop by a friend's house gathering right after my workout so his guy friends have seen me in my workout tank with my toned figure. But now I wonder if this makes me like the girls I described above, who dress very sexy around guys. I definitely don't want guys to see me any less wife-material. Is there a difference, dressing sexy and dressing in workout tanks? If you see a girl in a workout tank top with her skin obviously showing, would you see her as any less wife-material?


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  • I would not expect you to wear a sweat suit under a long skirt to exercise in. While it is true that seeing you in the outfit you describe might make me see you as something to fantasize about, it would not lessen you in my mind a wife material. In fact, the idea of waking up next to you wold probably make you more attractive as wife material.

    • Thanks... but guys can also wake up next to a booty call though? Or random strangers? LOL...

    • But by you saying that it might make him think you are not "wife-material", I assumed you meant he would already see you as "wife material" if not seeing you dressed that way. So if you could already be considered "wife material", then seeing you in that outfit and thinking about waking up next to you would make yoiu more appealing as "wire material"


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  • No, that's different. You wearing a tank top and yoga pants does not make you a booty call. It makes you a girl who is into fitness.

    • Thanks... but would the guy be more likely to fantasize having sex with me if I was wearing a workout tank as opposed to... say, a t-shirt?

    • Of course, but I would postulate if you are attractive, it doesn't matter what you wear. He'd still be fantasizing about you.

  • This still makes you wife-material.

    In my opinion there is a great difference between yoga pants and a tank and too short of a skirt with tits popping out the top...

  • No babe the context is completely different. You are whifey material.

    • Awww... thank you!! I'm guessing you mean athletic girls are wife-material?

      All guys should go to the gym then!

    • I meant that I don't think an athletic tank top is asking for too much attention really. I see a lot of athletic girls that are wife-material, and I think they are very attractive. I should start going to the gym, but I just work out in my place and play Rugby with the guys. There are some women that play rugby that look like wife-material too!

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  • Sweetie you can wear whatever the hell you want to wear. If you feel sexy, wear something sexy. If you feel casual wear something casual. :)
    Clothes don't make you wife-material or not!

    Now, it's true men are visual creatures. Their first thought will be to imagine you naked if you dress in a sexy way. Your attitude will show them whether they will actually get to undress you or not.

    I know a girl who dresses in a very sexy way to work. But she still gets respect from men there because she doesn't let them treat her in a bad way.

    A guy you want to marry will pay attention to your attitude, and not your choice of clothes!

  • only if he's a complete moron. clothes don't make the person.

    • I agree with you in some ways, but ever seen a girl dressed in a way to show they are after sex? LOL...

    • no, I've seen women behave in a way to show they're desperate for sex. they don't all dress the same, or provocatively.