Are women in their 20's turned off by guys the same age with bald heads?

I'm an 18 year old guy who had unfortunate genes, in about a year I lost over half my hair diffusely no bald spots but docs said it was premature balding, so I shaved it to the skin. Most people say it looks decent on me, (surprising as I'm a skinny pale guy) some said they prefer it to my thick hair days even, and I don't mind the low maintenance. But a big goal of mine was to marry young (20's) to an attractive girl I was attracted to for her body and mind. sounds corny but I take it very seriously. I'm also going to be honest and say looks do matter-personality too but looks are the first step-And I'm concerned that girls I'd find attractive in their 20's, the range when I'd be looking would mostly see me as less attractive compared to 'hairy' guys or would see me as undateable. So ladies 18-24 range, what are your personal opinions on guys who shave thier heads? Are the axe commercials right when they say hair is a huge part of attraction? Is the shaved head a dealbreaker for attraction or dating decent women? Etc. And I guess overall does this hurt the chances of that goal in my 20's or is that just me worrying about it?


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  • I wouldn't say it's an automatic turnoff at least for me. Really depends on the whole look.


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  • I'll be 18 in a few months. To be completely honest, yes, it'd be a bit of a turn off, but if you can overcome that with other assets (physical and emotional), then you should be ok. Don't be overly cynical of girls' flaws, though.

    • Do you mean bald guys can only get fat women?

    • No, since I've shaved I've actually got decent attention from attraxtive 7-9 range girls, yes it's hit and miss but I'd never date a bigger girl and I'm bald, I'd even choose being alone over settling lower than a 7 on looks, but it really doesn't himder that bad being bald if you shave it off and don't let it keep you from socializing.

    • @brain5000 no as I only will accept slim petite girls with cute faces think 7-8/10 and I'm bald shaved.

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  • With girls its more about your swag than your look.