Hey guys... Did my date go well or did I mess things up?

I met a guy through a friend and liked him instantly. I didn't feel that the feeling was mutual so I didn't do anything. A month ago we started chatting and soon got close. He told me that he liked me and even started making jokes about marrying me. We hadn't seen each other in the month that we spoke but we spoke every day and we even called each other sometimes. We made plans to see each other when I came home from varsity for a weekend. I went to his house on Saturday. He is 24 and I am 21. Here is what the date was like...

*I got to his house and we sat on the couch chatting and then his mom and gran got there from the shops. We sat by them and just chatted. Him and I made food and had a drink by the bar. Then we all ate together.
*After we cleared the table, his mom and gran went to their room to watch a dvd
*Me and him sat in the sitting room and watched the rugby game.. We got closer and closer and the after half an hour he kissed me.
* I had to be home before dark so I had to leave but he walked me out to my car and we kissed again. He texted me to tell him when I got home and we chatted for a bit

Today we haven't talked yet... Did I do something wrong or is he still into me?


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  • Girl, he just invited you to meet his family. He's probably thinking he did a shit job having his future GF do nothing but watch sports for a few hours.


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  • He is still into you. he just doesn't want to look too anxious.


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  • Sounds good to me!