Am I too heavy for him?

Ok so my boyfriend wants to give me a piggyback ride all the time and each time I make up an excuse. I'm just afraid I'm too heavy for him. I weigh 118 and he weighs 105. I'm not overweight, but I just feel like I'll embarrass myself if he can't lift me. He is pretty strong though, and pretty athletic. He used to do karate and I think Tae Kwon do, and for the most part he's really strong. (Stronger than me) so should I let him or keep making up excuses?


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  • He can lift you. My brother use to carry me in his back. I'm 115 and he's like 103 or something

    • Thanks for the opinion!

    • Thanks! Let me know how the ride goes!! 😁

    • Haha! I will

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  • You re just barely heavier than him, if he's athletic he can carry you.


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  • let him try if he can't lift you its more embarrassing for him im sure if he thought he couldn't he wouldn't offer

    • Thanks for the advice!