Need advice; cute, fit dude messaged me on POF?

so i joined POF several month a go, maybe as much as six months or so. I stil get e-mails from them every 2-3 months or so and after i got an e-mail today i got a bit curious and sign in on my profile. A kinda cute guy, thas is tall athletic and has the same interest as me messaged me. He wants to qoute "to date but nothing serious" and thats kinda what i want to. But i have had very bad luck when it comes to guys online, everything from not having anything to talk about to guys only after sex.

I also want something semi-serious, kinda of a friends with benefits kinda thing. So i know meeting him etc would be a personal choice, but i would like some input from someone that might have been through the same or a similar situation. Its till very early, but having a gym and/or sex buddy actually sound greate


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  • i would be incredibly leery of online dating. these guys lack the confidence to approach women in real life and gain that real attraction and connection that is organic. do you really want this metallic, binary connection? guys who say they are too busy to pickup girls... bs. girls can be picked up everywhere you go...

    • well if he start talking im going to ask him to grab a coffe or something as soon as possible... i find it awkward to chat and get "know eacother" over the internet.. and if he's not up for it, well to bad for him

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  • message him back.

    • well i did.. im talking about futher down the line

    • oh sorry I must've missed that


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