Says He needs space?

So I had a fight with this guy 1 week ago, he hasn't spoken to me since, I have texted him everyday since and also phoned him, but he wouldn't answer his phone and hasn't texted me. Anyway yesterday I sent him a photo of the present I have bought for him for Valentine's day and was going to give it to him when I saw him, he lives overseas.
He texted me and said I don't care, I don't want anything from you. You give me space and peace. I sent it on whatsapp, he rarely uses it but after he now knows that I am using whatsapp, after he sent that message he came on twice last night, and has been on again today, but before that was on it 1 week before, but now he keeps going on it. Does it seem like he's still upset and angry with me, does it sound like he still cares? Do you think I should wait for him to message me? What should I do?
Don't tell me to forget him We spoke every day since October 2014 sometimes for upto 5 hours, we spoke on Facebook everynight and skyped each other, plus phone calls, and texts, He said he more than liked me the feeling he had inside for me?


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  • Gve him soace like he said he wants

    • Do you think he still cares and he's just upset and angry?

    • He has been on whatsapp again tonight, and has been on ever since I started sending things to him, and after the message he sent me, he came on twice after , last night, and again tonight