I'm 16 and only been with one girl?

Okay so im 16 years old and I've only ever been with two girls. One in 8th grade and one a few months ago but we didn't really date. Girls don't want to talk to me at school and it kind of pisses me off. I feel like I'll be single forever.


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  • Firstly, you're only 16. I'm pretty much 19 now and I know loads of guys who have only had one or two girls. In fact, there are many girls out there who like guys who haven't had a thousand past girlfriends. Don't worry, I'm sure you will find the special someone :) x

  • You are only 16. You have plenty of dating to do in the future. Okay you've only been with one girl, I'mm 18 and I've only been with one guy. So what that doesn't mean I just think "Oh I'm going to be single forever because I'm not. I am sure you will date plenty of girls when you go to college. Don't worry so much about dating right now you can date in the future. I dated in high school and it wasn't that good of an experience for me. So I am waiting till college to start dating again. Focus on your studies and then worry about dating again in the future. Maybe try talking to girls yourself and striking up a conversation with them. And never be anybody but yourself.


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