I never know how to play it with guys?

I either come off as not interested or too interested. Where do you draw the line? How do I keep a guy interested without pushing him away :(


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  • Where do you meet em and who initiates?

    • it's either been at college or at bars/clubs. It's always them who initiate and then seem to lose interest once i do.

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    • Maybe not turned off but i feel like they just stop trying? Like this one guy was all over me at one point and as soon as i started flirting with him and initiating the texts he lost all interest and barely tried.. i just don't get it. He would walk me to my car and my classes and everything and all the sudden it was "okay I will see you later" and awkward conversations that I had to ocntinue for the most part

    • You have whatsapp or snapchat or something? Send me some pics of the end of the convos.
      Maybe he found another girl?


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  • With me you couldn't show yourself being "too interested."
    ... except maybe asking so many questions for me to answer and never leaving anything for you to experience without spoiling you then perhaps...

  • If they initiate and you like them, then just be overly obvious. But if you initiate just play it cool for awhile.


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  • I wish I could help because I feel I have the exact same problem. sad but true.