My boyfriend told me he feels like he doesn't deserve me?

My boyfriend of 8 months told me that he doesn't deserve me that he feels like he doesn't do enough for me like talking me place and things like that. He said that I deserve someone that makes more money and can afford better things for me. I told him that money doesn't mean a thing that I love him for him not what he has or could buy me but he seems to not believe me. How do I convince him that who he is now is enough for me? I love him with everything and have tried telling him money isn't everything

He doesn't try to break up with me at all. He's been trying to see me more and more but I'm so busy with two jobs. Am I the reason he feels this way? Do I work to much?


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  • Was this a way for him to break up with you? Because it's the biggest excuse there is.


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  • He wants to get away, stupid excuse.

  • The oldest excuse in the book. Sounds like he is planning on breaking up with you. So you should keep your eyes open.