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I'm seeing a guy (if you can even call it that) who does nothing but text me. This is SERIOUSLY annoying. In the month that I've known him, he's called me maybe 2-3 times, but TEXTS ME EVERYDAY! I have noticed that when I suggest doing something, he ALWAYS says 'you figure it out and I'll see what I can do. I am interested in seeing where it goes so how do I get him to curtail the texting without driving him away? Or should I just let it go?


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  • If you want to talk to him start calling him, and if doesn't answer there is your answer. Guys make time for what they want, if he want to talk to you over the phone he will. But going out is a different situation you may have to give that some time since you really haven't talked over the phone that much.

    • I do call, and he's always willing to talk to me, but I have this thing about calling guys because I don't wanna feel like I'm annoying or 'sweating' them, so I limit the phone calls.


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  • Well since you do call him, tell him that you like talking over the phone than texting. If he likes you he will start to calling or start to call more lol. By saying something like this your not saying you like him or "sweating him". I clearly states you rather talk over the phone, but make sure you say something like " I normally just call people or I hate texting because its easier just talking". You'll know when to throw it in.


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  • Many guys are like that I have found its not only you that's having the problem let me tell you I had to go as far as telling my boyfriend that I would break up with him if he didt start to call me soon and don't get me wrong I love texting but calling someone is soooo much better so just tell him that either he calls you or its over believe me it worked for me 2 seconds later the guy was calling me.

    • I was just gonna stop responding to his texts. I mean, I DO work during the day, and so does he (he's actually 'in the field' so its easier for him to text @ work) so I can't sit and text all day! Its just annoying! It makes me feel like he's either shy or blowing me off or something.

    • Na just tell him that he needs to call you otherwise your gonna break if off with him and not see him anymore.