If a guy says he wants to take you out to dinner is it a date or just as friends?

I spent the whole day with my friend and he made me coffee and did a few other gentlemen gestures. At the end of our visiting he told me that he wants to take me out to eat at a nice restaurant which is kind of expensive. Ladies how would you take it? And men you can answer too! It's been a while since i've had a man even say anything of that sort to me.

And yes he did mention how much it came upto between three of them which was well over a $100.


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  • I think you might have yourself a date

    • Yea i almost blushed when he mentioned that lol

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    • Thanks! Me too! he's a really nice guy and is a gentlemen, its a change for me with all the bad guys i useto date!

    • It sounds like you might have finally met the right guy in your life, lets hope it leads to marriage

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  • chances are it's a date... especially if he's willing to pay ;-)

    • Yea he is willing to pay.

  • It's sounds like a date.

    • Why?

    • You spent a day at his house and all you had was coffee. Maybe he can't cook. He wants to impress you with a fancy dinner. He wants to pay for it (very gentleman like). It sounds like he is into you.

      Some questions for you to think about before deciding how to dress / or if you're going:
      1. Do you like him? Enough to consider going on a date with him (if it is a date).
      a. If yes, continue on to question 2.
      b. If not, or if you would rather do something more casual like friends would do, counter with a more casual activity.
      2. If you like him, but you don't want to send the wrong signal, dress appropriately. Maybe ask a girlfriend to help you if needed, to get ready.
      3. Have a good time :)

    • He spent the day at my house and i'm the one who cooked dinner but since he spoiled dinner by eating chocolate, he didn't want to eat dinner with me n my cousin. I will probably just dress casual becuz i know he will.

  • It may be a date or may be a friendship... both...
    Let the time tell you what it is gonna be...

    • Im aiming towards friendship..

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    • try to be in a relationship with him

    • I dont know if thts what he wants. Wht if i get rejected? Id be so humiliated. I'll wait and see if thts where he wants to take things in the future.

  • 😐😐😑 he couldn't have made it any more obvious.

    • Aww really? So it's a date then huh?

    • lol all i wanted was opinions not know sarcastic ass answers…

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  • Lol yea a guy wd never want to take you out if he wasn't tryin2impress u. I've bn 2 dinner once wit a guy I jst took as a friend and he thought he cd move in on me. also he shdnt b tellin u hw much he spent it seems like he's trying2buy ur affection. it depends if u like him2 but if u don't want it further than friends rather don't go out with him.

    • Ohh yea i like him too. I've liked him for the quite of few years, now i finally have him in my life, everyday.

  • Most of the times, usually depends on how close you are

    • We just start hanging out and talking a few weeks ago! We met when we were teenagers and haven't really became friends til recently!

  • Date. because he said he wants to take you... Friends don't say that, ever... unless it's like your birthday or something. Usually it's hey wanna get food or I'm hungry let's get food... or i'm craving steak looks off to the distance with drool dripping from the side of his mouth.

    • Wht if its in appreciation of something? Still a date or just as friends?

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    • Well at least now you know, men can be so confusing... but then they say that about women so..

    • True. Well i do like him. Lol