How do I stop getting rejected?


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  • Stop having this victim mentality


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  • Whatever the anonymous 25-29 year old dude with the long message said IGNORE IT. No offense but he sounds like the jackass type and the girls who will like a guy because he is masculine is a total bitch and slut. Stay who you are, maybe hide your depression A LITTLE (not forever) but you kind of come off as the emo/depressed type of guy with no self-esteem. Be happy, if you talk to a girl smile and laugh now and then, if you always show depression, that you got rejected and no self esteem girls will think you are boring. Most want a guy who can show them a good time, not sex necessarily, but who can make them laugh and who will be able to keep them up with just a convo. If you see a girl you like standing next to something or whatever make a joke about it or just say a certain part of her is pretty and ask or talk about it with her

  • You seem insecure. And I guess that shows. Not many women want a guy who lacks confidence.

    Everyone gets rejected. There are plenty of other women and you just continue to ask someone out.

    Like Quagmire says "50 nos and a yes is a yes".

  • Honestly, you can't 100% stop getting rejected unless you stop asking out girls for good. Don't stop trying though, I'm sure one day you'll find somebody.


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  • simple solution, do what I do. work a full time job and volunteer, keep working until you forget about the bs

  • Firstly, some people will reject you, you must accept that. You can't avoid rejection, but you CAN limit it. Girls aren't as complicated as you would think, as long as you listen to their actions and not their words, you will learn more ;).

    So first thing is that girls like masculine guys. Guys that don't have feelings. I don't want to tell you to be someone else, but if you continue to do what you've been doing, you will continue to get the same results. Change your attitude, not your personality. You don't have to be an optimist suddenly, but be less emotional - play the dark mysterious type. Life is meant to be fun after all, play at being moody but don't raise your voice or get too into it. Women want a guy who can control himself - work on that, focus on controlling yourself, it's a muscle that can always be strengthened.

    Finally, you can only be wanted by someone once you have developed a human rapport with them. There are a few stages: 1 - initial attraction. Some girls won't like you - deal with that. 2 - RAPPORT - you need to be 100% natural and human with the girl. Don't pretend that you like something you don't and don't say you don't want something you do. You need to be natural and human and show that you know the rules. Also that you can lead a conversation into rapport, that will really help. Just focus on developing a connection, making her laugh, and after a while - let her talk. Listen, let her tell you about who she is and what she finds interesting and funny. Don't try to convince her who you are - let her be the judge and when you know you have built a rapport - ONLY THEN 3 - can you make a proposition. She's much more likely to accept if she feels like she has had to earn your interest and affection through a human interaction.

    Swear less by the way. If you really want this, that will only help.

    • So, become a sociopath and my problems disappear? I mean, I'm already starting to think like one anyway. And, how can I be expected to care about building rapport with a girl if I don't give a shit about them?

    • I said control your emotions. NEVER let your emotions control you - always do the things that you know will benefit you. That makes you LESS of a sociopath, because you will not let your emotions lead you to dangerous or offensive behaviour. Do you think a guy who controls his emotions and feelings gets upset about rejection? No, he doesn't. He just keeps going as if he has never been rejected and girls notice that this guy hasn't been phased by his recent or past experiences. I get laid all the time and I'm quite ugly. You should probably listen to me.

      Additionally, I would say one thing that is really serious about this. No girl is going to want to be with you if "you don't give a shit about them". Don't tell yourself that story, it's an excuse. Step up your people skills and learn how to build a rapport with people.

      Would YOU (if you were a girl) risk letting a guy stick his dick into your body with that attitude? You need to SLOWLY get closer and closer until you end up inside.