First Date ideas?

So I've asked a girl out on a date, but I still don't know where would it be best to take her? There isn't many options in Dubai though. I was thinking about taking her for an indoor ski rink or for a mini golf (mini golf is far though and I don't drive) then later maybe head for a coffee or dinner. I was also considering taking her for an aquatic zoo. Which of these ideas seem romantic and have good chance of building rapport? Also feel free to suggest more ideas (and suggest tips please as I am inexperienced in dating and have no idea what to do)

  • Ski Date
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  • Mini golf Date
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  • Aquatic Zoo Date
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  • Cinema/Movie Date
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What Girls Said 1

  • Indoor ski rink? You mean ice skating?

    • Yes it's actually an indoor skiing platform with artificial mountains and hills.. and if I am not mistaken even live penguins. look up Dubai Ski in Mall of Emirates.

What Guys Said 1

  • First dates are to get to know each other, so a movie is not a good idea, just like skiing. Leave these for the second date.
    Mini golf is kinda boring in my opinion, so I wouldn't choose that.
    Aquatic zoo is pretty interesting. You get to see animals, maybe some exhibitions, and you have tons of time to talk. The only downside of this is that you're gonna be there for a long time, 4 hours more or less, so if you both don't connect, it'll be pretty awkward.
    But from those 4, the zoo is the best option.