How do I get a girl to finally say yes to go out with me?

I have known this girl for years now and I have always liked her but I have never asked her out because she either had a boyfriend or I had a girlfriend.. we were good friends at a point in time then I moved away and we lost contact and now that I am back home I would like to ask her out on a real date? How do I do it with out sounding desperate? Since I reached home I told her some friends were going out and she said that's she was busy and another time I said lets go get some food and catch up but she was busy with school and was never out right saying sure I will meet up with you.. do I have any chances with this girl or should I just give up and move on? How do I get her to say yes? If it's possible?


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  • For me she is showing a low level of interest - she is not making you a priority due to other things going on in her life. She hasn't seen you for a while but shows no interest in catching up so I would step back and let her make some effort. If she doesn't, then you most definitely have your answer.

  • If she is turning down seeing you, then she isn't interested is anything intimate.


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