I am in 8th grade and I like this h. s boy 9th grade . He has a girlfriend he knows that I like him and he is okay with it. He is my cousins best-friend they talk all the time on the phone sometimes I talk to him, me and him are cool. I think his girlfriend knows that I like him. She gives me that dirty look whenever she see me. He hugs me in front of her we talk and stuff. Recently him and my cousin were talking on the phone I was there and he was playing around saying "Your giggle is sexy " " I know your blushing " " I wanna marry you " . That increased my feelings for him even more. His girlfriend is over protective. She is just ridiculous. He told me because of her his loosing all his friends. On Valentine's day he brought her those big teddy bears it was pink. They cost 200$ she did not take them. BECAUSE IT WAS PINK! i think he deserves better. Sunday i was on my cousin acc and he wrote to my cousin a. k. a his best friend saying " promise you won't tell anyone this but I'm in love with my girlfriend"."shes the only girl i would ever be in love with " when i saw that i was just sad I was crying. My cousin told him , he was upset he was worried about me. He kept on asking if i was okay. Later on he called my cousin he was saying sorry to me. My cousin and his girlfriend has a big fight over him. Today is Tuesday my cousin and him haven't talked since Sunday night. I just text him saying his name. Its been 30 minutes now he online and he did not text back. IM IN LOVE WITH HIM. what should I DO?

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  • Love is a very strong word. In 8th grade, I thought I was in love too, but the guy I thought I loved and I thought loved me didn't feel the same way. I would more so call it puppy love, which is when you're first experiencing what love may be. Im not saying that you have no feeling for him but don't get too hard of yourself. But anyway, I think that you should wait till he isn't with her anymore because his girlfriend sounds kinda snobby. He seems to care about you so you'll probably have a chance with him in the near future! Good luck!


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  • Go for him. If she won't accept an expensive gift solely bawed on the color then she's a bitch and he'll find out eventually and will have you to fall back on

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    • based on the color its crazy. He deserves better im not saying that Im the one he needs but she is just too much.

    • You're right. He definitely does deserve better. Even though I don't know you, you seem like you can deliver better than his current gf so make sure you keep close contact with him, keep him company when he's bored and when they break up, you pick him up asap.

  • Leave him wanting more let him come to you, there is no point fighting for him if he doesn't like you just give it time x


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  • His girlfriend does sound like an asshat but that doesn't mean it is alright to flirt with someone who is in a relationship. If he wants to pursue something with you he needs to grow up and dump her first. Never get involved with a taken person who doesn't at least have the dignity to dump someone.

    • I really liked what you said. You kept it real with me Thank you. I agree I shouldn't be messing around with someone who has a girlfriend. Thank you.

  • leave him alone. he's taken. when he's single then go for it.