How to stand out to my school crush and make him like me?

ok first im not going to Make him like me and I do intend on being myself!!
ok first of all one night he walked me to the bus and he was amazing to me laughing at my jokes etc. but he is known for being a dick head with anger problems who never smiles. him walking me to the bus happend last June 8 months ago. i always see him around so how do we become friends and how do i stand out to him besides the stuff i know like
be yourself
stay hygienic blah blah what Real things can i do to stand out?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You must try to get close to him, keep constant contact and be nice. Make him think of you when he's not seeing you.

    • Ya but how do i make him think of me? and how do i get cose to him?

    • Without knowing him, I'm afraid I don't. Do something you know he likes, do something for him...


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  • Just spend more time with him he'll start to trust you a lot more and open up to you

    • I know but we dont spend time together that was just a lucky once off that day made me like him we never talk face to face because we're not really friends we both just happend to be walking to the bus that nice how do i get him to want to come up to me or text me?

What Girls Said 2

  • Go to school in the nuuuude. That'll get a lot of attention from all the guys haha. (Not a serious opinion)

  • You should of taken advantage of the situation 8 months ago. Maybe he already forgot about you :(

    • well we were near each other today after school and my friends and i saw him looking at me and i know i regret not doing it but i didn't like him at the time :/